What is a Chartered Global Management Accountant?


CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant) is a global designation for qualified accountants throughout the world. The AICPA (the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and the CIMA (the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), two of the world’s most prestigious accounting bodies, have formed a joint venture to establish CGMA as the most valued, globally recognized management accountant designation.

Management accountants are trusted to guide critical business decisions and drive strong business performance.

They combine financial expertise and business acumen to achieve sustainable business success. They understand how the different parts of the business need to come together.

Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMAs) are committed to professional ethics and a code of conduct. A single syllabus and examination standard ensures the consistency of a CGMA’s skills all over the world.

Chartered Global Management Accountants combine financial expertise and business acumen.